The DGIFUND seeks long-term capital growth, and as a secondary objective, modest income with reasonable risk.


All “balanced” means is that the fund contains stocks and bonds. The stocks are the primary growth engine. The bonds help moderate the effects of market volatility. We chose a balanced approach for the DGIFUND because we wanted to create a single investment vehicle that would be appropriate for all or most of our clients’ investable assets.


The DGIFUND typically invests in the stocks of about 50 companies, which represent around 60 percent of the assets in the fund.

The DGIFUND typically invests in around 60 bonds, which represent 40 percent of the fund’s assets.

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Partial portfolio holdings information will only be provided to the public and third parties for the most recent month-end period and only after a thirty (30) calendar day delay from the end of the month being provided. These holdings may include any combination of the portfolio holdings information except for full portfolio holdings.