At Disciplined Growth Investors, we believe the purpose of investing is to enrich lives. We save and invest because money gives us options. The more money people have, the more options they have. Growth is our goal. Options are the result. What you make of them is up to you.


No one can predict market volatility or political whims, so we don’t try. We prefer to compensate for these unknowns with the known—what we believe companies are actually worth.

We don’t mindlessly diversify across every market, sector and asset class. We focus on a select, and manageable, group of companies we believe have growth potential.

We get to know these companies, inside and out. Beyond financial analysis, we sometimes visit their facilities. We talk to their people, from the CEO on down. And we frequently use their products.

And because we think in years, not weeks or months, we tend to have long relationships with the companies we own.


Investing in the DGIFUND is going direct to the source—the people deciding which companies to invest in.

Few others have attempted the direct distribution of a mutual fund without the benefit of a sales channel or sales force.

We chose the direct approach because removing the middlemen (i.e. financial planners and the companies they work for) reduces costs.

Multiple layers of fees weigh on performance and limit the growth potential of your investments.

And knowing who’s invested in the DGIFUND by name allows us to be more transparent about the fund’s performance and the companies we all own.


We don’t follow the crowd and we are comfortable outside the norm. And so are our clients.

Most everyone around you has bought into the mindless diversification model. They’ve chosen mediocrity along with everyone else. It takes courage to follow your own path.

You can’t invest in the DGIFUND through any other financial service firms. You have to open an account directly with us. Advisors have no financial incentive to recommend the DGIFUND. The decision is yours to make, and you aren’t likely to find support along the way.

The way we invest requires patience, on our part and yours. We intend to own these companies for decades. Tinkerers need not apply.

If you aren’t investing, give it some thought. If you don’t know what you own, why you own it or what you pay in fees, it’s time to start asking some questions. If you’re comfortable outside the norm, you might be our kind of people.


While the DGIFUND has been around since 2011, our firm, Disciplined Growth Investors, has been helping enrich lives through long term investing since 1997. To learn more about Disciplined Growth Investors visit DGINV.COM.